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June/July 2016
This means that these Hino 1626 truck chassis-
cabs, which form the basis of a fleet of 18 over-
land safari vehicles, are proving Africa-friendly
in terms of reliability, durability, ease of mainte-
nance and repair when operating in remote re-
gions in Africa.
Tough as nails
“We are very satisfied with the performance
of the Hinos in operations that are varied, but
can be very tough, particularly when storms
ruin the gravel roads and rivers rise,” said Steve
Maidment, operations director at Drifters. “Our
overland vehicles, which each carry 16 tourists,
are often more than 1 000km from the nearest
dealer, so reliability is very important.”
Maidment went on to say that the Hino truck-
based safari vehicles have now clocked up
3,6 million kilometres, often under harsh
conditions, and have been virtually trouble
free except for a couple of broken spring
blades and a differential spider gear break-
ing due to it getting stuck and spinning the
rear wheel.
“The reason is that these trucks are built
strong, with big wheel bearings and drive
shafts. Importantly many of the steering, sus-
pension and transmission parts have grease
nipples, adding to the ease of maintenance
and subsequent reliability. They certainly
make my life easier!”
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