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June/July 2016
The “relevant technology for purpose” principle employed
by Hino in designing, engineering and building its range
of 500-series trucks, has found favour with Drifters,
a division of Tourvest Holdings.
500 trucks
fit the bill
Switching to the best
Drifters, which was established in 1983 with
one well-used minibus, has grown significantly
over the years and now has 30 full-time guides.
A variety of different brands and vehicle types
have been used for its touring operations in sub-
Saharan Africa over the years.
The switch to Hino came in 2010 after a lengthy
study and evaluation of potentially suitable
vehicles available on the local market. There
are now 18 of these Hino vehicles being used
in operations that extend from five to 24 days,
with the latter trip involving travelling from Cape
Town to Johannesburg via Namibia, Botswana,
Zambia and Zimbabwe. Other countries which
are on the Drifters extensive schedule are
Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Kenya
and Tanzania.
These tours operate on tight schedules and
most of the tourists are fromoverseas, especial-
ly from Germany, the Netherlander, Belgium and
Scandinavian countries. This is why the relia-
bility of the transport is vital in terms of meeting
the timetable and providing outstanding cus-
tomer service. The success of Drifters can be
seen in the many tourists who return to South
Africa to participate in other Drifters tours after
their first experience.
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Drifters now operates a fleet of 18 Hino
500 series 1626 chassis cabs converted
into 16-seater overland safari vehicles
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